A cloud of the lightest kid mohair

Our newest yarn Tilia is a gorgeous mix of glossy mulberry silk surrounded by a cloud of the lightest kid mohair. On the technical side Tilia is a fine, worsted spun and brushed yarn. You can of course knit Tilia on its own, but we recommend knitting it held together with one of our other yarns. New Zealand lammeuld and Indiecita are wonderful held together with Tilia.



a lovely shawl
Rachel Søgaard

The inspiration for this multi directional design is the colors of the yarn. This is your chance to play with colors and find the combination that suits you - or to knit a shawl that looks just like the one in the photos.

a winged shawl
Charlotte Kaae

Kangerlussuaq (or Sønderstrømfjord in Danish), is one of Greenlands southernmost fjords, and one I know particularly well from my childhood in Greenland. This large winged shawl is inspired by this beautiful fjord and by the fells surrounding it.

classic colourwork in georgeous colours
Rachel Søgaard

A very classic colorwork design with drop shoulders. There are times when a classic sweater in gorgeous colors is just what the doctor ordered.

a soft cardigan
Signe Strømgaard

Indiecita and Tilia are a match made in heaven. When you knit the two together, the result is so incredibly soft that you can almost hear the angels sing.

a cardigan with a lovely rainbow
Karen S. Lauger

Autumn days are often gray. Gray is a lovely colour (especially in wool), and many (myself included) wear a lot of gray throughout the autumn and winter days. It is almost as if we wish to blend into the weater. But sometimes a splash of colour is needed.

a lovely shawl
Hanna Maciejewska

A playful shawl, where multicolored hand dyed yarn and short rows are used to the most wonderful effect. The color choice are of course completely up to you.

a large, gorgeous shawl
Karen S. Lauger

Morgenfryd is a big shawl with a pattern inspired by the budding spring and light mornings, where a big shawl is a wonderful thing to wrap around your shoulders.

a crochet hat
Sidsel Sangild

Crocheted hat with gorgeous texture from clusters arranged in triangles.

a mitten and hat set
Rachel Søgaard

A lovely cabled set with mittens and a hat to help keep you warm on the cold autumn and winter days.