Drogie miłośniczki drutów i szydełka  

We a happy to present a new yarn, and hope you will give "Tiliaa warm reception. Tilia is a gorgeous mix of glossy mulberry silk surrounded by a cloud of the lightest kid mohair. On the technical side Tilia is a fine, worsted spun and brushed yarn. You can of course knit Tilia on its own, but we recommend knitting it held together with one of our other yarns. New Zealand lammeuld and Indiecita are wonderful held together with Tilia.

Serdecznie pozdrawiam,
Nanna Gudmand-Høyer

Air Jordan


False socks? Or just an ankle cuff?
Sanne Bjerregaard

What to do when all you want is a pair of ruffle socks to go with your new sneakers, but you know you’ll get overheated wearing woollen socks? Especially in the summer.
Then you can knit a pair of Faux Socks.

Lanolin is the natural fat in wool and just like wool it has some fantastic qualities.Lanolin nourishes, protects and provides hydration. Filcolana’s hand cream absorbs quickly and instantly repairs and provides relief to dry and stressed hands.

Graphic stripes
Sanne Bjerregaard

A lion tamer often wears a lavish coat when making the amazing entrance into the circus.

Chunky glitter sweater
Gitte Juhler

A trip to Paris. Fashion mecca and sidewalk cafes. A moment of calm where everything around you is in motion.

Soft trousers with lots of ease
Sanne Bjerregaard

The harlequin trousers are ideal for playing with colours. Follow the colour scheme, or jump into your scrap yarns and give each stripe of harlequin squares a new colour. The trousers have a good width and plenty of room for a diapered bottom.

Lovely and classic top, with a sprinkle of glitter
Hanne Rimmen

The Danish clown Tribini was recognized for his magic tricks and legendary welcome speeches when he greeted people at the circus tent entrance: “Highly praised lords, counts, wardrobes, sciences, marriages and devils - all are welcome. Thick and thin. Wide and flat. Rollers, fools and Santas.

Playing with colours and geometry
Mathilde Nørgaard
Mikkel Toft Hornum

The blanket was developed as a gift for the designers’ roommates, who just had a baby. The wish was for a simple, geometric design with odd angles, and the geometric ratio between stitches and rows in garter stitch made it easy to accommodate that wish.

A delicate top for the tiny line dancer
Maria Bach Jensen // Sanastrik

This fine summer top is inspired by a line dancer costume from the beginning of the 20th century.
It is knitted top down with a European shoulder seam that drapes nicely on the back.

A bit of drama
Gitte Juhler

The idea for the Victoria cardigan became almost an obsession.

A beautiful pattern, with a twist
June Thomsen // Yarnloversnet

Pitre is French for clown, and here is a wonderful summer top, which plays on the collection's circus theme and the designer's love of colours and untraditional knitting techniques.

Ruffles and glitter
Sarah Zachariasen // ByPapara

Circuses are playful and colourful, and in this design there is plenty of room to play with colours.
The ruffles are inspired by real circus princesses.

Delicate for hot summer days
Rachel Søgaard

Here is a completely underplayed circus theme. It is the line dancer's neutral pastel colours that appear, and with the subtle harlequin pattern, a classic is created for the summer wardrobe.

a peek to bare shoulders
Gitte Juhler

This top is filled with childhood memories; it's summer, I have bare shoulders and bare legs, I am wearing sandals and my mother knits the finest summer top for me. Veronique is great for a night out on a hot summer evening.

Fantastic colours
Katja Dyrberg // Popknit

Fun, festive, colourful, and too much – yet cool. With inspiration from the lavish costumes of the circus artists, the colourful circus wagons, The Big Top, and the lovely treats that a circus visit entails, colours, qualities, patterns, and structures are mixed in this design.

Harlekin texture
Rachel Søgaard

Here is a much underplayed circus theme. Just like in Crispin, the subtle harlequin pattern appears, creating a classic baby and children's cardigan that can easily be used for both girls and boys.

Jonglørens top
Else Schjellerup

Jongleuse is a female juggler. The fine lace pattern of the blouse resembles balls that are juggled into the air, and which eventually “explode” on the yoke. The top is short and tight-fitting. The top of the yoke is knitted with short rows to make the neck higher, which ensures a good fit.

Yoke in flames
Hanne Rimmen

The fire eater is one of the bravest artists in the circus. Fire is dangerous, fire can scare, and fire can be devastating, but for centuries the brave fire eater has entertained the audience by taming and swallowing the large flames.

Graphic use of colours
Sanne Bjerregaard

For Zigzag the designer created a sharp, graphic look combined with an untraditional way of shaping the design.
The cardigan is knitted from top to bottom, and despite knitting "straight down", you shape the entire cardigan by making increases and decreases.

Suitable for the new knitter
Sanne Bjerregaard

This pattern is specifically designed for Red Cross’s knitting groups, which are knitting for the project “A good start in life”.

A jacket for the Sprechstallmeister
Hanne Rimmen

This beautiful jacket is designed with inspiration from Denmark's great female circus director: Diana Benneweis.
As a child, riding was Diana's favorite discipline, and she made her debut on the floor with dressage of Arabian thoroughbreds.

Classic round yoke
Maria Bach Jensen // Sanastrik

This simple cardigan with stripes is just as great for girls as for boys.
It is inspired by the narrow, black striped costumes of mime artists and by Charlie Chaplin's silent movies.

It is knitted in Indiecita, top down and with a round yoke.

Harlekin texture
Rachel Søgaard

Here is a very subtle circus theme. The textured pattern resembles Harlequin's costume, but because of the calm choice of colours and the constant repetition of the pattern, it takes a classic look. The cardigan has long sleeves and a V-neck.

Beautiful everyday cardigan
Else Schjellerup

Even a young circus princess can feel cold on her bare arms and be in need of a warm and soft cardigan that matches the pink tulle skirt.
After all, you have to look nice when you go to the circus.