Drogie miłośniczki drutów i szydełka  

We a happy to present a new yarn, and hope you will give "Tiliaa warm reception. Tilia is a gorgeous mix of glossy mulberry silk surrounded by a cloud of the lightest kid mohair. On the technical side Tilia is a fine, worsted spun and brushed yarn. You can of course knit Tilia on its own, but we recommend knitting it held together with one of our other yarns. New Zealand lammeuld and Indiecita are wonderful held together with Tilia.

Serdecznie pozdrawiam,
Nanna Gudmand-Høyer


et florlet og blødt sjal
Karen S. Lauger

Designet er et sjal inspireret af Holger Drachmanns maleri ”Havet i oprør. Skagens gren”. Hulmønstrene i sjalet fortælle historien om havstrømmene der mødes og skilles, bruser og skummer. Sjalet er florlet og blødt som skumsprøjt og havdis.

a feminine sweater
Rachel Søgaard

Everybody could use a lovely, soft sweater to wear on crisp autumn days or under the coat later in the season, when the weather turns cold.

en lang, patentstrikket cardigan
Rachel Søgaard

blomster, der vokser langs husmure og stakitter i Skagen by.
Denne lange cardigan i tofarvet halvpatent har mørkeblå bund som havet på en skyet dag og kontrastfarver øverst, der kunne lede tanken hen på blot et par af stokrosernes farver.

a long cabled cardigan
Signe Strømgaard

Leonora is a long loosely fitting cardigan inspired by the Skagen painters’ beautiful paintings of the Nordic light over the coastline, with the dark sea below and the tattered clouds above. The cables lift from a sea of purl stitches as the clouds above the sea.

a lovely baby dress and bonnet
Karen S. Lauger

The little baby dress and bonnet is inspired by the beautiful painting ”Corydalis”by Anna Syberg. The flowers’ latin name is corydalis, which gives the design its name.

a lovely dress for girls
Trine Frank Påskesen

The Danish painter Marie Krøyer, lived in a time of lace, light dresses and feminine silhouettes and this has been the inspiration for Trine Påskesen’s ”Dagmar” dress: The tight bodice, the gathered skirt and the many fine, little details like the slit at the shoulder and the lace panel down the

a classic fisherman’s sweater
Rachel Søgaard

Wool is the best material if you want to stay warm, since wool feels dry and warm even when it gets quite wet. The Skagen firshermen of olden times knew this, and dressed in woollen sweaters and oilskin rain gear to keep out the wet and cold.

a simple cowl in tunesian crochet
Sys Fredens

The cowl is made in tunesian crochet. Tunesian crochet is an old technique with a unique look.
It is made in the round using a double ended tunesian crochet hook to avoid seaming. The pattern looks a bit like two-coloured brioche knitting.

a classic hat in tunesian crochet
Sys Fredens

The hat is made in tunesian crochet. Tunesian crochet is an old technique with a unique look.
By using a double ended hook you can crochet in the round and avoid seaming.
The pattern looks a bit like two-coloured brioche knitting.

a lovely summer shawl
Karen S. Lauger

Summer nights on the porch. The gentle light from the waning day. A light and soft shawl over the shoulders, perfect for the cool hours of the twilight.
Skumring (Danish for twilight) is a summer shawl with beautiful lines of garter stitch and lace, perfect for a summers night.

crochet cardigan for the smallest ones
Sys Fredens

A sweet and bubbly cardigan in a simple pattern. Leave off the collar and it fits a little boy too.

a gorgeous, reversible hat
Rachel Søgaard

This design is part of a little collection inspired by the works of the famous Danish-Norwegian poet and author Ludvig Holberg.

a cute whale sweater for kids
Karen S. Lauger

Paikea is the maori word for the humpback whale. The beautiful and majestic whale, who is so wonderful to watch. Whale happy children (and their parents) will love this sweater, where the humpback swims happily at the front, and presents tail on the back.